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Valeriy Ospanov

Managing Partner

Mr. Ospanov is a co-founder of RCG and a trained mining engineer, bringing over 38 years in operational and strategic management experience in the mining and manufacturing sectors, both public and private.

Prior to co-founding RCG, Mr. Ospanov served as Executive Director at Dala Mining, a Kazakhstan-based mining company that developed one of the world's largest molybdenum deposits. Mr. Ospanov held a range of senior positions in the Kazakh public sector, where he established a broad range of contacts within regional and national political circles. His roles in the public sector included Head of Construction and subsequently Head of Economic Development in the Atyrau Province, Vice President at the Kazakhstan Contract Agency and Deputy Chairman of the Government Control Committee in the Ministry of Emergency Protocols.

Mr. Ospanov holds a PhD equivalent degree in Technical Sciences from Institute of Mining, Almaty.

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