Central Asia Strategy

RCG targets mineral deposits in Central Asia which are at the “resource identification” or “resource definition” stage in accordance with historic Soviet period exploration reports. Data from this period is generally not internationally recognized. As a result an “arbitrage” opportunity for RCG to identify and subsequently “prove up” top-tier deposits exists. The quality and quantity of this data provides compelling indicators to potentially significant resources.

RCG is well positioned to recognize and resolve any risks inherent in the Kazakh mining sector including state bureaucracy, geological risks, and technological risks as perceived by international investors. RCG will look to implement value creation steps that may include:

  • Confirming existing Soviet-era data, which is not generally acknowledged or understood by world markets.
  • Commissioning additional geological and technical research by the world’s leading independent mining consulting firms to create top-quality scoping studies, feasibility studies or other suitable studies potentially moving the project up the value chain.
  • Offering pre-identified strategic and financial buyers the opportunity to acquire compelling mining and mineral projects, backed by comprehensive studies on the economics of a particular project’s production.

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RCG is an Almaty-based private investment group

focused on investments in the natural resources sector


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