Kiikbai copper and gold Project

  • Overview:

    Project Operator: Arka Gold Company LLС

    Project Description: Kiikbai-Saidal gold ore deposit, Kiikbai Project, a copper-gold deposit located 28 km southeast from Akadyr village, Shetskiy District, Karaganda Region,

    Project’s Current Status: finalizing of geological exploration is performed to move to the design stage,

    Project Reserves: 427,000 tons of ore, average gold grade in geological reserves is 2.3 g/t (983kg of gold), average copper grade is 0.82% 2,800 tons of copper (3,516 tons of copper)

    Mining Method: Open pit

    Project Process Information: Metallurgical methods

    Project Duration: 4 years

    Deposit Development Period: 3 years

    Project Design Capacity: 100,000 tons of commercial ore per year

    Project’s Current Stage Finance Status: 100% of the project is funded,

    Start of Facilities Construction: year 2024,

    Facilities Launch Planned At: year 2024.


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