SANCHEZ copper and zinc Project

  • Overview:


    Project Operator: Varsa Mining LLC,

    Project Description: Alexandrovskoye Deposit, Sanchez Project, copper-zinc deposit, The deposit is located in the East Kazakhstan Region, Kurchum District, 38 km east of Markakol village (former Terekty village) and 2 km south of Ak-Zhailau border outpost, on the border between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the People's Republic of China,

    Project’s Current Status: MRE report (JORC, KAZRC), PFS reports were prepared. Pre-project work is in progress,

    Project Reserves: 3,386,806 tons of ore, average zinc grade in geological reserves is 2.47% (83,500 tons of zinc), average copper grade is 0.49% (16,729 tons of copper)

    Mining Method: Open Pit

    Project Process Information: Flotation of sulfide ore, heap leaching of oxidized ore

    Duration of the project: 10 years,

    Deposit Development Period: 6 years

    Project Design Capacity: 350,000 tpa of sulphide ore, 150,000 tpa of oxidized ore: up to 12,000 tpa of zinc in concentrate, up to 2,000 tpa of copper in concentrate, and 1,000 tpa of cathode copper.

    Project’s Current Stage Finance Status: Funding is available

    Start of Facilities Construction: year 2024.

    Facilities Launch Planned At: year 2025.

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