Akmaya tungsten deposit, Akmaya Project, is located in Shetskiy District, Karaganda Region, 11 km southeast of Unrek village



The Chumek Iron Ore Field, Lacus Project. The deposit is located in the Kurchum district of East Kazakhstan region in the inaccessible mountain-taiga part of the South Altai. Absolute elevations vary from 1,500 to 2,200 m. The mineral resource is iron (Fe)

The Saran tungsten-molybdenum deposit, Moli Project, is located in Karkaralinskiy district, Karaganda region, 15 km west of Zhanatogan village

Alexandrovskoye Deposit, Sanchez Project, copper-zinc deposit, The deposit is located in the East Kazakhstan Region, Kurchum District, 38 km east of Markakol village (former Terekty village) and 2 km south of Ak-Zhailau border outpost, on the border between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the People's Republic of China


The Berkara deposit, Berkara Mining and Metallurgical Complex, Arc Project is a mining company, implementing the Berkara mining and smelting complex project, targeted at mining and processing of copper ores from the Berkara deposit with following production of cathode copper. The Berkara Mining and Metallurgical Complex is located in East Kazakhstan, 350 km east from the city of Karaganda

Kiikbai-Saidal gold ore deposit, Kiikbai Project, a copper-gold deposit located 28 km southeast from Akadyr village, Shetskiy District, Karaganda Region



Samarskoe deposit; Sam Project; a coal deposit located in the Nurinskiy District of Karaganda Region, 6.5 km from Samarka village. The deposit is represented by Karaganda and Dolinskaya formations with such coal grades as K, GZh, KZh (К, ГЖ, КЖ)

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